A Specific Education Model of Our Department : Sector Integrated Education (SIE)

What is SIE ?

Our department aims  to educate engineers who are hardworking, convenient for group works  also responsible, concious about their responsibilities, embracing to profession ethics, able to analytic thinking, researcher, has strong fundemental knowledge and skills while consedering industry needs. Likewise in other engineering departments, our department is aware of the importance of applied training for textile engineering education has started to apply Sector Integrated Education (SIE) model which is specific to our department in our country let the students work actively three days a week in sector since 2011-2012 acedemic calender. In the scope of aforementioned education, our students’ research subject is decided and carried out by both authorizeds from sector and department’s lecturers. The students work their subject on SIE partner corporation and at the end of the semester, research work is presented by the students in front of the jury comprised by both authorized from sector and department’s lecturers and  evaluated. So that our students are started to find solutions to problems through engineering aproach before they graduate.