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Within the structure of a fast-growing regional universities, our department where undergraduate and graduate education began operations at in the 2008-2009 academic year, kept up this rapid growth and succeeded to have a strong academic staff and basic infrastructure facilities in a short period of time. Our basic approach is to provide quality education at an international level. The main purpose is to educate and train students as textile engineers who are capable to design a product, system or process in the field, open to development, having analytical thinking skills, good at teamwork skills and being aware of professional ethics and responsibilities. For this purpose, our most significant difference from other textile engineering departments in Turkey is the Industry Integrated Education Model. Namık Kemal University Textile Engineering Department is aware of the importance of practical training, therefore it provides actual work in the sector to the final year undergraduate students under the operating in practical training for 3 days in a week since 2011-2012 academic year. Through this model, adaptation to the industry and employment issues of our students, who have the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and meet closely with the work life, are minimized. Our geographical location in which hundreds of textile companies operating in 7 different Organized Industrial Zone and one European Free Zone is one of the biggest advantages.

Our department encourages students to do one semester training in Europe under the Erasmus program which have been signed bilateral agreements with different universities. In this context, faculty members also participate in exchange programs for teaching purposes and also visitors from foreign universities participate to our department for the same purpose.

We wish all of you success in your goals with a desire to see you in our department where the post-graduate education (MSc and PhD) provided along with the undergraduate education.

NKU Department of Textile Engineering cooperates with the key industry organizations and various levels of R&D, research and innovation projects within the framework of cooperation along with the academic activities. The scope and level of this cooperation is expanding everyday. At this point, making joint efforts with industry and government agencies and creating values in science and in the industrial field are among the objectives of the department.

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